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Taylor Jones
Hi there, My name is Taylor and I work for WhiteboardVideoService. I’m mailing you because I found your site: rdptechs.net, and was wondering if you are interested in adding a whiteboard style animated video? If you are not the person to contact I would be very grateful if you could pass this message to them. Here are some of the video styles I create: Whiteboard style Niche specific Animated explainers Chalkboard/Glassboard style Kinetic typography Presentation style If you are interested please let me know, and if none of them speak to your imagination I do many other styles as well, so please do reach out to me personally. I’ve made quite a lot of interesting, engaging videos, below you can see lots of samples I did for other sites: whiteboardvideoanimationservice.com/product-showcase-videos/ The videos are very cool and it's really amazing what I can create for you. I do everything including script, music and voiceover. It will really help bring your website to life, engage your users and help you stand out from your competitors. So head over to whiteboardvideoservice.com today. Kind regards, Taylor Jones Content Creator WhiteboardVideoService PS: You are probably wondering, even if I would like a video, I'm very busy, what do I have to do? After you purchase, I only need your website link. Yes, really. PPS: It you are interested, you are certainly thinking, how much? The first completely done for you video is only $77, including custom script, video and music (a next is $97). If you would like a voice over as well, it's only $177. Head over to [my site URL] to see what I can do for you today. PPPS: If this is not of interest please accept my apologies and reply with no with your site in the subject line or click this link to opt out https://www.bitily.co/unsub so you are not bothered again Have a great day!

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