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Dear Sir or Madam, Hope you're well. I'm Elizabeth Fulton, and I've been working for a company called Appledew Web, We're a team of expert website developers, copyrighters and full funnel builders. Our team works with startups and established brands to help them reach their goals with cutting-edge marketing strategies. Appledew web is a websites development and funnel builder company that is focused in helping small businesses grow. One of the ways we do is by giving clients free home page design and I am wondering if you are interested? we will help you build your shop from scratch or re-design your existing store. Our team of expert designers work with clients to turn their vision into a beautiful, fully functioning online store or website. If this interest you or you want to learn more about us, go to www.tiny1.co/appledew-web and select our free special offer. Make sure you don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! Cheers, Elizabeth R. Fulton Elizabeth@appledewweb.co Content Creator Appledew Web PS: 1. If you are interested in our Lead Generation Website Template jump straight to www.tiny1.co/lead-generation-website-template 2. If you want an affordable website development packages – paid for monthly jump straight to it here www.tiny1.co/website-development-packages and be sure to use coupon APP10 to get 10 off today. We look forward to working with you. 3. If you are interested please either visit the link above or reply with the number 3 in the message subject and we we will get back to you. 4. If you are interested, but not yet, please reply to this message with the number 4 in the subject line, and we will contact you again in three months. 5. Finally, if you are not interested, please either click this link to opt out www.tiny1.co/unsub, or reply to this message with the number 4 in the subject line. Have a great day! "

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